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While JRS Siding Specialist Inc.was working on a new construction multi-family project, a rough carpenter fell off a 3-story building and was seriously injured. Needless to say, OSHA arrived and some of the trades were fined for not using the correct fall protection safety devices.This accident forced John and Deb Svehlek, owners of JRS Siding Specialists Inc., to start thinking differently about the safety of their workers.To prevent future jobsite mishaps, John designed a railing system and ladder brackets to do just that.

    Ladder Brackets were used to prevent ladders from falling over or kicking out, by securing the ladder to the fascia of the building.
    Similar to Ladder BracketsGutter Brackets serve the same purpose in situations where rain gutters are installed, prohibiting the use of the standard Ladder Brackets.
    The Guardrail System was comprised of two Guardrail Brackets that are secured to the ladder rungs, which support Aluminum Guardrails.
    The Guardrail Brackets accommodates 1 or 2 17-ft. or 21-ft Aluminum Rails.
    The Guardrail Carriage was designed to eliminate ropes and roof penetrations caused by other safety methods.
    The Ladder Rung Hook device was produced to save time and prevent excessive bending and twisting by the contractor. Also helps to  eliminate falling equipment.
    The Guardrail System also includes Telescoping End Stops that attach to both ends of the guardrail to prevent workers from walking off the ends of the walk plank. End Stops are adjustable to accommodated different soffit depths and walk plank lengths.


construction siteJohn’s Ladder Bracket Safety System allowed his construction crew to work on walk planks more productively and efficiently without fear of falling.After many years of using his products on construction sites, John had been approached numerous times by other workers wanting to know where he bought his safety system. With the growing demand and requests for the safety products, John decided to take his fall protection equipment creations further.To produce and distribute the WorkSafe Ladder Bracket Safety System & Accessories, a new company was created and named “Safety Innovations“. The company’s goal is to design safety components for anyone who uses ladders or ladder scaffold systems. These ladder components are designed to increase worker safety and productivity. They also help to limit property damage caused by falling equipment.We’re continuously looking ahead to develop more innovative safety products to serve and protect you.John R. Svehlek, Inventor
Deborah J. Svehlek, CEO