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Fall Protection Safety System :

Our Fall Protection Safety System is designed to be used on a Ladder Jack or a Pump Jack system to ensure OSHA Compliant Fall Protection when working on a workplank/side of a building. It can also be used as a hand guardrail or a tying off point for roofing applications (must purchase additional 21-ft. guardrail & 2 extra end-stops for roofing application).

One System: Three Applications

Ladder Brackets

Designed to be installed over fascia board where gutters have not been previously installed. Available in single shallow and double shallow for non-extended ladders. Available in single deep and double deep for extension ladders.

Gutter Brackets

Our Gutter Brackets are designed to be used to secure ladders where gutters were previously installed over the fascia board. Screws directly into the gutter. Available in single rail shallow and double rail shallow for non-extended ladders. And available in single rail deep and double rail deep for use with extension ladders.

Ladder Rung Hook

Our Ladder Rung Hook is the third hand you have always needed! Goes into the ladder rung sideways, you simply flip the Ladder Rung Hook over and you’re ready to go! The Ladder Rung Hook can hold paint buckets, nail guns, hoses, staplers, etc!