A SIMPLE Roofing Guardrail Safety System

The Guardrail Safety System was designed with those who work on roofs in mind. The OSHA compliant system provides an effective guardrail system when attached to ladders that are secured to the structure using our WorkSafe Ladder Brackets. Other guardrail systems are traditionally difficult to install and expensive. For less than $960, work safely on a roof without the fear of costly fines (which have drastically increased since January 2019).

Simple. Safe. Affordable.

What's Included?

Guardrail Safety System

  • 470600 - (4) Single Rail Shallow Brackets
  • 480610 - (4) Single Rail Deep Brackets
  • 470620 - (2) Guardrail Brackets
  • 470630 - (2) Telescoping End Stops
  • 470645 - (2) 21ft. Aluminum Guardrail