Important OSHA Changes for Fall Protection in Residential Construction Worksites


ENFORCEMENT DATE: Currently enforced

For more information from OSHA including info on the New Residential Fall Protective Directive, please visit the following sections of OSHA’s website:

Compliance Guidance for Residential Construction
OSHA Directive Number: STD 03-11-002
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Residential Fall Protection Program Presentation
PowerPoint presentation explaining STD 03-11-002
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U.S. Department of Labor News Release
Court Upholds June 16th Deadline for Changes in Residential Fall Protection.
Read April 4, 2011 OSHA News Release »

Residential Fall Protection OSHA Compliance Guidance 
Read OSHA Regulation on Residential Fall Protection (Subpart M) »

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

Under ANSI standard A10.8-2019, 17.3.8 states that each worker on a ladder jack scaffold shall use fall protection equipment. 4.38 states Fall protection systems shall be used during erection, dismantlement, alteration, modification and use whenever feasible, as determined by competent persons. Such systems shall comply with appropriate standards.

Other Ladder Safety OSHA Info

OSHA Fall Safety Construction Site Tips
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NAHB-OSHA Jobsite Safety Handbook
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OSHA Fall Protection Standards
Includes many resource links on Ladder and Fall safety.
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