After being in the contracting business for 5 years, followed up by working in distribution for the past 24 years I have not run across any other products like your WorkSafe Ladder Brackets. Keeping ladders safely upright and secure on job sites has always been difficult with most contractors either doing nothing (which is most common) or coming up with haphazard, temporary fixes that are not reliable (or necessarily safe). Although simple, your ladder brackets provide an answer to quickly and safely secure ladders and ladder set ups on most any job site. This solution protects no only someone using the ladder but also prevents a ladder accidentally falling causing harm to other people on a a job site or property damage.

With safety at the top of contractors minds right now, I believe these products will provide a simple, quick solution to securing ladders in a safe manner on the job site ensuring safety for all at the job site.

We will continue to display and promote these safety products.
— Jeff Ploch, ABC Supply Co. Inc, Wisconsin District Manager
I have been involved in residential construction sales for over 25 years, and grew up working the construction field. Currently I sell several lines of safety equipment, specializing in the area of fall protection.

I am writing about the WorkSafe ladder brackets. These products are unique in the field, filling a void that exists for this fastening system. Currently OSHA requires contractors that use ladders to have them secured to the building that they are working on. Since there is no other product like this, they often put themselves and their employees at risk of injury or death. There is also the issue of having OSHA levy non-compliance fines.

There is a definite need for this product to the contractors who do this dangerous work. I have shown these brackets to OSHA consultants in several states and they have requested samples and literature so they can show them to the contractors that come to them for ideas on how to work safely. In Wisconsin, these brackets have become part of the OSHA fall protection power-point presentation.
— James Held, President of GTO Marketing
I can't remember how many times my nail gun has slid off the roof or fallen off the scaffold. By using the WorkSafe Ladder Rung Hook, I save time and money. No more costly repairs, no more running down the ladder to pick up what I've dropped and no more back pain from constantly bending over. With the WorkSafe Ladder Rung Hook, my tools, buckets (or anything else I can hang) are right within reach.
— K&R Do It Right
WorkSafe Ladder Bracket Safety System has been a valuable addition to my company by making the job site a safer and more productive place to work. Some of the guys get a little shaken when they go up too high; but now they walk the scaffold with confidence - making them more productive.
— JRS Construction, INC.