OSHA Compliant Fall Protection For Pump Jack Systems
Fall Protection For Exterior Painters
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OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Equipment

Why WorkSafe Company Equipment?

There are 4 main problems that people who work on a work plank or a ladder experience every day:

  • PROBLEM #1: People who work on a ladder jack or pump jack system do not have fall protection, they can easily fall off or walk off the work plank.
  • PROBLEM #2: Ladders fall, slide or kick out all the time. There is no good way of securing ladders to structures to ensure complete stability.
  • PROBLEM #3: People who work on a ladder have no place to hold their tools
  • PROBLEM #4: People who work on low roofs require a guardrail system.

We have created a line of products to defeat all of these problems. Our solutions are:

  • SOLUTION #1: Our Fall Protection Safety System provides OSHA compliant fall protection to those who work on a work plank. Our system reduces the risk of falling off or walking off the work plank.
  • SOLUTION #2: Our line of Ladder Brackets & Gutter Brackets attach directly into the fascia board to eliminate the risk of ladders sliding, falling or kicking out.
  • SOLUTION #3: Our Ladder Rung Hook acts as the third hand you have always needed. Simply insert into the ladder rung, flip down and it holds your tools while you work on a ladder!
  • SOLUTION #4: Our Fall Protection Safety System acts as a lightweight portable guardrail system for those who work on low roofs. Use it as a guardrail and a tying off point.
Fall Protection Safety System on a ladder jack

Our Fall Protection Safety System & Ladder Bracket Accessories are:

  • Less expensive than traditional scaffolding systems
  • Lighter & easier to set up than traditional scaffolding systems
  • Safer than traditional scaffolding systems
  • Secure your ladder in place
  • Reduce falls & injuries/fatalities
  • Made in the U.S.A.